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Abhijeet Sapkal : Age - 21

Last six years I am playing cricket for The Club of Maharashtra, it has been privilege to represent this club. I am trained under Subhan Shaikh Sir, He is very good coach with unique style. He is very Disciplined and Strict coach on the field, as well as friendly with students off the field. He mainly focuses on Basics, His Mantra of Success is Dedication, Discipline and Determination makes you Successful.



Nikhit Dhumal : Age - 21

From last four years I am playing cricket and a member of The Club of Maharashtra. Due to Disciplined and Good Coaching of Subhan Shaikh Sir I am playing for Maharashtra under – 25. Subhan Sir main factor of coaching is He is more concentrating on basics of batting and bowling. Samal Sir also have a good knowledge and have a vast experience. Thus all these factors help me give 100 % on the field. I hope they will give me these lessons till end.

Naushad Shaikh : Age - 21

Naushad Shaikh
I am representing The Club of Maharashtra from 2007. I am very thankful to Almighty Allah that I got really good and experienced coaches. Subhan Shaikh Sir trained me with full effort and interest. He is very disciplined and experienced coach, he is very dedicated to his job. Due to his proper guidance I am representing the Maharashtra Cricket Association from last three years. Nitin Samal Sir also supported me through out my career. I hope they will continue to teach me and help me to play on a higher level.

Mahendra Choudhary : Age - 20

Mahendra Choudhary
From last two years I am playing for The Club of Maharashtra, I had heard the name of this club around the town, so when I joined this club I really understood why it is so famous. The dedicated and disciplined coaching of Subhan Shiakh Sir makes the environment very nice. Its very good feeling to trained under him, he mainly focuses on the basics. He has vast knowledge of cricket.

Devdatta Natu : Age - 21

Devdutt Natu
I am representing The Club of Maharashtra for the last five years, I am thankful to God for giving me such talented and experienced coaches. I have been getting some good and beneficial tricks of the trade from my coaches, which is helping me to improve my game. Mr. Subhan Shaikh is a very disciplined and dedicated coach. The best quality is he teaches each and every student from the bottom of his heart. His love for the game is very high which motivates us. His way of coaching is unique which helps us to enjoy the game.Mr. Nitin Samal is also being a great support for us. The combination of these two coaches has been a great inspiration for us.

Kunal Khade : Age - 19

Kunal Khade
I am player of The Club of Maharashtra for the past four years. I am being trained by Mr. Subhan Shaikh, his best quality is he looks after each and every student equally, and if he comes across any special talent in the player he spends time personally on the player. His knowledge of cricket is very vast and in varied form. He is also able to make use of out door as well as indoor sessions such as Meditation, Yoga and the most important is NLP for concentration and attitude. He even sometimes beats us with the stumps, but I love it because this helps us to be focused and improve our game.

Aniket Taware : Age - 22

Aniket Taware
I am representing The Club of Maharashtra from last four years, it has been real pleasure to play for this club who has produced number of players representing the state of Maharashtra. This club has good discipline of cricket and quality practice is taken by Mr. Subhan Shaikh Sir. He has inculcated good discipline in the players of this club. He works hard with the players and pays proper attention towards every player. As well as he is strict at times which helps us to concentrate more on the game. In short he is kind hearted person who is damn serious about cricket and always strives for upliftment of club players.

Mahesh Dongre : Age - 22

Mahesh Dongre
I have been practicing in The Club of Maharashtra for the last five years. From the first day I am taking training under Mr. Subhan Shaikh, with him I started my cricketing career. He is very strict for his rules and regulations, a very disciplined person. He is so strict that he had suspended me from club practice for eight days, this type of punishment I had never experienced before. Initially I was angry on him, but after eight days I realised the importance of discipline in cricket. From that day onwards I have become the most sincere player of the club, I just follow the instructions give to me and work on it. This has helped me a lot to change my game as well as my attitude towards life. Now I am playing at different levels in Pune as well as Mumbai, and also with some of our national stars of cricket. He has given me some special training from bowling prospective that is developing my Run – up, Rhythm, the Line, the length and Speed, variations using the crease and body momentum. I think I am the most luckiest person to get training under Mr. Subhan Shaikh, I thank him for bringing such a drastic improvement in me.
Thank You.
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