Pace Cricket

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Wicket - Keeping can be defined as the player standing behind the Stumps and collecting the ball released by the bowler with the help of one or both the hands if it is not played by the Batsman. Also catching and appealing for a out if the ball has touched the bat of the Batsman or if the Batsman moves out of his crease knocking the bails/stumps down and appealing for the Batsman to be out.


The Wicket keeper is called the back bone of the team, so as to he has to be ready to watch and receive every ball during the fielding process. The toughest and the strongest player on the field because he has to sit down and again stand up for every ball bowled during the match and take an opportunity to stump the batsman out. Watch and Receive every ball during the fielding process and be alert to make the batsman run out. He is the most cheerful player on the field, backing his bowlers with powerful and positive affirmations. Appealing the umpires to ask for an LBW ( leg before wicket ) or a catch of the batsman.

The side ways movement of the Wicket – Keeper must be very fast and smooth because either for a Spin Bowler or a Swing Bowler the ball moving away from the Batsman must be collected by the Wicket – Keeper. This can also be a catch if the ball has touched the bat of the batsman, which can get the batsman out. Therefore the Wicket – Keeper plays a key roll in saving the runs and getting the batsman out easily.

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