Pace Cricket

NLP in Cricket

NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming, Neuro means the nervous system of human which manages a human body to do different activities, Linguistic is the code of language which the human body understands, Programming is the system of working of the human body.

Our body is managed, operated and run by the Central Nervous system, and the main component of the nervous system is the Brain. Further the brain is divided into two parts that is the large brain and the small brain. The larger brain is the logical or the rational thinker, the larger brain is also called the conscious mind, and the smaller brain is storage of beliefs and values of individual, therefore the smaller brain is called the subconscious mind. Usually a human body tries to act on the command of the larger brain, but it does not become possible because the activity to be done is not registered with the smaller brain. A human body is motivated by the visuals and auditory messages and tries to achieve the same, but in return he observes that he is not able to achieve it, because for getting the required thing the larger brain is anxious and excited. But to achieve it the smaller brain is not been prepared, because if the required thing is not processed by the smaller brain then the body does not respond in achieving it. Actually the human body is operated by the smaller brain.

In NLP we understand that the programming of the smaller brain or the subconscious mind is very important, because unless and until the smaller brain is convinced the human body will not work or operate to achieve the required things. For example if a person wants more money in life, he should believe in himself and see himself as a rich person, if his subconscious mind is not able to process this thought of becoming rich due to his beliefs and values.
There are certain questions to be answered by an individual such as

WHY do I want to become RICH ? ( reason for the act )

HOW do I become RICH ? ( process for act )

WHEN do I want to become RICH ? ( time period for the act )

Similarly in cricket there are certain questions to be answered by a Player

WHY am I Playing Cricket ? or

WHY do I want to Expertise in Cricket ?

HOW can I become Expert in Cricket ?

WHEN will I become Expert in Cricket ?

In NLP we can help a player to Nourish his Sub-conscious mind, to change and develop the values and beliefs.

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