Pace Cricket

bowling 5Bowling can be defined as Releasing the ball towards the direction of the Stumps with the help of one of the either hands in a rotator format without bending the Elbow and pitching the ball in front of the Batsman with in the given limit of the pitch area, also with the mission to get the Batsman out either by knocking the stumps down on compelling the Batsman to hit the Ball in the air for a Catch.

There are basically two types of Bowling categories in the game of cricket the Spin Bowling & the Pace Bowling. Further the bifurcation comes in the Spin Bowling as Off Spin and the Leg Spin. In the Pace Bowling it is called as the Swing Bowling, and the two Swings are - The In Swing and The Out Swing.

Important aspect of Bowling to be Remembered :

The left arm is the bowling arm, & The right arm is the releasing arm. (This is for a Right Handed bowler)

In Bowling the important factors to be remembered are the line, the length, the movement and the Speed of the Ball. When all the four factors are balanced at the time of delivering the ball it becomes difficult for the Batsman to play the ball. As and when the Bowler brings different variations in all the six deliveries of the over he bowls, the batsman faces difficulties in predicting or understanding the bowler to play.
When placing the above four factors in sequence first comes the LINE OF THE BALL, in the second place LENGTH OF THE BALL, thirdly the MOVEMENT OF THE BALL, last but not the least preferred comes and the SPEED OF THE BALL.


  • Decide the ball to be delivered at the start of run up.
  • Looking at the spot where the ball is to be delivered from run - up to release position. (90 % of bowlers go blind at the point of releasing the ball.)
  • The jump is required for transfer of weight from right leg to left leg.
  • The left leg must be lifted at least one feet more higher than the right leg.
  • The left leg must be pointing towards the fine leg.
  • The left leg landing should be in a Heel Toe pattern for the roll over momentum.
  • The right arm must be at 12 O’clock position i.e. perpendicular to the ground at release.
  • The ball must be pushed through the air with two fingers pulling down for a back spin.
  • The seam of the ball must be up right to get swing in the air.
  • The ball must land on seam position to get movement after pitching.
  • The bowler must swing his right arm towards his left thigh.
  • The right hand must almost touch the ground. ( min. up to the knee )
  • The right foot must land 4 to 6 feet beyond his left foot.

Bowling Grip


Spin Bowling

Types of Spin Bowling

  • Off Spin
  • Leg Spin

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Swing Bowling

Types Of Bowler (on the basis of speed)

  • Gentle Medium Pace
  • Medium Pace
  • Fast Bowling

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