Pace Cricket

front foot defenceThere are basically two strokes in the game of cricket the FRONT FOOT & the BACK FOOT. Further the bifurcation comes in the Front Foot & the Back Foot playing method, they can be a Defensive stroke or a Driving Stroke.

Batting can be defined as defending the Three Stumps from collapsing by the Ball released by the Bowler with the help of the Bat, playing either on the front foot or back foot and hitting the ball towards the ground resulting to score Runs.


Important aspects of Batting to be Remembered

“The left hand is the POWER hand”
“The right hand is the GUIDING or STEERING hand.”
(This is for a Right Handed batsman)


  • The grip.
  • The Stance.
  • The Body Balance.
  • The position of the Shoulder & Head.
  • The grip of the bat plays a vital role in the performance of the batsman.
  • The grip should not be very tight nor very loose.
  • The stance should be comfortable as well as balanced.
  • The Elbow and shoulder pointing towards the bowler.
  • The head should be in a up – right position.
  • The eyes must follow the bowler right from the bowling mark.
  • The ball must be followed from the release point.
  • The batsman must make movement after the pitching of the ball.
  • First the shoulder is taken towards the direction of the ball.
  • Then the shoulder is put down, which gives a back – lift to the bat.
  • Then the left Foot is moved towards the direction of the ball.
  • Then the bat is taken towards the ball at an angle of 45 degrees.
  • The batsman has to look at the ball at the point of contact with the bat.
    (90 % of batsman go blind at the time of playing the ball.) ( Because the batsman sees the Line and length of the ball, not the actual ball)
  • The stroke is completed with a push of left hand, and directing with the right hand.
  • At the time of contact with the ball the batsman’s front leg should remain at an angle of 45 degree to the ground.
  • This will give a down ward push to the ball for a ground stroke (Drive).
  • After completing the stroke the eyes should follow the ball.

Batting Grip

The Various Strokes in Batting