Pace Cricket

Vision and Mission


A decade ago the game of cricket was only a sport, but in the changing scenario Cricket has become a career. Previously only the rich people were able to play the game of cricket, as it was very costly and in return it did not pay much to the players. We remember that even our Test players did not have much sophisticated gears to wear. But now since the status of the game has changed and the remuneration in return has hiked up, the youngsters afford to invest , because they know that after a certain level they will be benefited once they are playing at the Professional level. But most of the players learn from watching others play either on the ground or on television, with out the detailed knowledge or information. Therefore when we talk of Professionalism in Cricket, then the Knowledge, Fitness, Skill & Attitude must be of a higher level. Professionalism will come to the youngsters only through Education of Cricket and Practicing in The Professional Pattern. Realizing the need of the hour we have decided to give fullest possible Knowledge and Information to the audience.


  • Professionalism in the game of Cricket.
  • Exposing the Career opportunities in cricket.
  • Contributing in the game of Cricket from the Physical & Technical aspect.
  • Developing & Changing the Attitude with the help of NLP.
  • Promoting players to the State & National teams.
  • Training Players from the Match Prospective, Situation and Environment.
  • Coaching the Players from childhood so that they are in the right frame of game.
  • Paying more attention on the basic fundamentals of cricket with Bio - Mechanics.
  • Taking cricket study as a curriculum and having short term courses for players.
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